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"Safe Walking" notes by John Buster

Safe walking, for me, involves at least 10 elements, one for every toe I rely on. 1.  My No. 1 rule: Never go out without your cellphone, adequately charged, especially if you'll be alone. 2. SHOE SOLES need rounded fronts & backs, not sharp edges that can trip us. 3. HEAD & EYES,  when walking, should always be looking forward and down at 45° for shifts in level [broken sidewalks] and shifts in friction [ice, wet leaves, or clear plastic wrappers].  Look for tell-tale shadows and lip lines. When you spot one, lift up your front foot, and then step up on the "trip lip." 4. CORNERS: At street and path corners, scan 360 ° R & L for cars and bikes.  Never walk like a mummy, with your eyes straight down or straight ahead.  Alert eyes are crucial: Crashes with cars & bikes can be worse than falls.   VISION? Again, for the same safety reasons, parkas & hoods MUST NOT cover our ears and eyes. 5. HANDS?  When walking, I NEVER put my hands in my poc

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